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As the name suggests, Personal Robotic Assistance (PRA) or the “personal robotic assistant” helps you and your employees in their day-to-day work. The personal robotic assistant supports you by showing inexperienced employees on their own computer how a process is processed or by doing tasks directly for their employees.

Furthermore, the PRA recognizes in which process your employees are working and can show tips and additional information. In case of an error or a violation of the process compliance, PRA can actively inform the employee and, in case of serious consequences, even prevent the errors.

With the personal robot assistant the process performance as well as the process quality increases. Personal Robotic Assistance helps experienced and new employees to work more productively and learn better. PRA works hand in hand with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and integrates perfectly with your intelligent backoffice automation.

Minimize the impact of changes on your business

New processes and process changes can have a massive impact on your business. It never before has been so crucial and challenging for companies to use the changes as an opportunity for themselves in an increasingly fast and digital world.

Whether new business models, internal reorganisations, legal requirements or new systems and application versions – successful companies achieve decisive competitive advantages through rapid adaptability.

Personal Robotic Assistance (PRA) can help your organization to minimize the negative impact of changing business processes by providing support and help of the personal robotic assistant to your workforce where it’s important: right at the workplace and the employee’s processes. This allows even inexperienced employees to learn more quickly and become productive after a short time.

The personal robot assistant works independently of the systems used. Whether you work with SAP, Outlook, Excel, Salesforce or other programs and technologies, your systems do not have to be adapted or changed.

Sample functions that PRA can perform:

  • Extract and modify data and create reports
  • Fill in forms
  • Show relevant additional information
  • Show links in the Knowledge Base
  • Copy, paste, and move data
  • Log in to systems such as the ERP and customer management system
  • Read and process information from multiple systems
  • Access web pages
  • Process data from the Internet
  • Open emails and process attachments

How does Personal Robotic Assistance (PRA) work?

Similar to RPA, you can imagine the personal robot assistant as a virtual employee. A virtual employee at RPA has their own application system (usually a virtual machine) on which they work independently. On the other hand, the personal robot assistant at PRA is active on the computer of your employee and specialized in interacting with the employee. The border between RPA and PRA is fluid and both application domains complement each other excellently.

There are two types of PRA:

  • Steer me“: This is a GPS-like process, in which the assistant directs the user live and in real time through the process
  • Do it“: The assistant performs the actions for the user, such as moving or clicking the mouse. However, the automatic operation can be interrupted by the user by entering variable information

The PRA works under guidance in real time and automatically. This enables you to perform your business process efficiently and accurately through a software application. PRA helps you to increase the KPI of your business and make it easier to achieve your business goals.

If a user lacks the know-how and skills to follow a predefined process or to perform a particular task, the user can obtain the necessary information through PRA (for example, search, catalog, favorites, etc.).

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