What is Procify?

Process Assessment Tool

Selecting the right process to automate is a critical decision that can determine the overall success of your RPA project. That’s why we are here to introduce Procify – a Process Assessment Tool that emulates our proven decision-making system for selecting the best processes to automate.

  • Procify allows you to generate a ready-to-automate process shortlist.
  • Assess technical and strategic complexities that may impact delivery.
  • Supports the creation of an RPA roadmap based on your strategy.
  • Ready to use to assess automation opportunities across RPA, OCR and more advanced technologies.
  • Contains a knowledge base to ensure right data entry from the beginning and avoid lengthy data validation.
  • Based on our experience of more than 1.000 projects.
  • Consistent data gathering for accurate comparison of different processes.

Discover a Process Assessment Tool for your automation journey

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Data gathering made simple

Full segregation of duties

Role-based access

Integration with Roboyo Academy

Align the prioritization with your strategy

Visualize financial & non-financial benefits

Identify processes with automation potential across the whole intelligent automation spectrum

Find out which process is the best choice to automate

Not every process is an adequate choice for RPA but Procify will help you to identify and select the right ones.

Discover the automation potential of your processes

This easy to use process assessment tool accelerates your implementation by filtering out unfeasible automations.

Flexible use of the process assessment tool

Procify can be used for a decentralized capturing of process ideas or as an active process assessment tool.



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Our Roboyo Cloud – Procify aims to replace outdated spreadsheet models​ by bringing our proven evaluation methodology to you in an easy-to-use, drag and drop format. Download our brochure to discover in-depth what it can do for you.

Start your Automation Journey with Procify.



Procify is a process assessment tool that enables you to prioritize your automation opportunities, simplify data input, and raise automation awareness in your company.

  • Role-based access
  • Scorecard Prioritization
  • Process Shortlist
  • Integration with Roboyo Academy
  • Visualization of financial and non-financial benefits
  • Recommendation of automation technology

Procify is a cloud-based tool meaning you don’t need to purchase digital infrastructure; you only pay for the service – our cloud infrastructure adheres to the highest security and data privacy standards.

Procify can be used by every company that wants to start their automation journey but are not sure which processes are the best to automate. Furthermore, it is designed to help companies that already have Automation operations in place to scale by creating a list of promising business processes.

Business Units:

  • BU Name
  • Responsible person
  • Key benefit drivers for RPA
  • FTE Assumptions


  • General Process information
  • Process & Data input characteristics
  • Benefit related parameter
  • The technology required to perform the process
  • Required technology for Process Automation

All required data points can be entered in a user-friendly way either into predefined boxes or selected via dropdown or slider.

We take the protection of your data very seriously and are always up to date on IT security issues. Therefore, we are an ISO / IEC 27001 certified company, which ensures the highest data security.

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A recommendation on the processes which have the highest automation potential and therefore present the greatest return on investment.

Right now, Procify is available in English.

The role-based access feature (e.g. Business Owner, Subject Matter Expert) allows different hierarchical levels to be set up and access rights to be managed.

Procify is a web application that requires credentials to login and have access to its functionalities. Click here for more information.

Currently, we do not support Procify on-premise. We are planning to release an on-premise version in the upcoming releases.

Every browser that supports HTML5 can be used for Procify.

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