What is Petze?

Petze is a revolutionary RPA code reviewer that will help and guide you in all your RPA implementations.

We have automated RPA Code Quality Assurance making it easier than ever to ensure that no automation fails in production.

By simply dragging your RPA project into Petze, you are connected to the Roboyo Knowledge Base which gives you an explanation of each best practice as it is evaluated in real time. This allows developers to be trained as they go along, speeding up the RPA learning curve.

For example, is there a hardcoded password creating a potential security breach? Petze will flag it! Are the naming conventions not followed properly, thus decreasing code re-usability? Petze will flag it!

Petze is also configurable which allows you to enable and disable specific best practices at will and ultimately tailor them to your reality.

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A checker is an individual best practice that Petze is actively validating in the source code in the scope of the analysis.


By simply dragging a UiPath project onto Petze, the quality checking is started automatically without any additional command.


Technical and non-technical error reports can be created with all explanations, allowing developers or managers to approve a process to production.


Reports generated by Petze get recorded into a Project History, allowing developers and managers to track the progress of each code review.


Petze has multiple “Review and Acceptance” features to allow for different Release Management rules.


Petze offers a Tenant Administration feature allowing multiple business units to have different types of checkers depending on how best practices need to be applied.

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Delivery Team

Developers and solution designers can now validate their UiPath workflows in real time, and benefit from our Roboyo Knowledge Base. An error report is produced every time Petze runs ensuring that no error is left behind, thus increasing code quality and minimizing the need for code troubleshooting.

Operations Team

Release Managers can now approve a process to production without having to be technically savvy in UiPath. By requesting an error-free report, one can now be sure that all best practices are respected. Additionally, an error history panel allows Operations to see development progress, adding an extra layer of visibility which allows for better resource planning.

Management Team

Petze has also been prepared for managers. Would you like to know the progress of your team in real time? Petze aggregate statistics to create reports showing the progress of each automation in scope, creating full transparency for non-technical stakeholders on the progress of the delivery team.

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With Roboyo Petze you can continuously check your RPA code to get instant feedback on problems during development and accelerate code verification. View Petze service specifications.



Petze is a user-friendly RPA quality assurance software which quickly checks if a process meets common RPA standards and can be reliably deployed to production.

  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • RPA project validation checks resulting in the creation of a PDF report
  • Project history tracking so you can monitor the latest changes and improvements
  • Automated quality checks to help new developers learn faster
  • Direction to Orchestrator where you can manage your robots
  • Further features can be requested, and we are always open to new suggestions

Petze is a cloud-based tool where you don’t need to purchase infrastructure, you only pay for the service – our cloud infrastructure adheres to the highest security and data privacy.

Petze can be used by every company that tries to establish, or already has established, RPA in their business and needs a fast, efficient tool to guarantee quality and security for their automation. Petze doesn’t require technical knowledge and can be easily handled by the delivery team, operations team or managers. The resulting reports are either technical or non-technical, designed according to the needs of the user. They deliver fast and easy to understand checkmarks for the quality of an automation.

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The criteria that are applied in the quality check are based upon Roboyo‘s experience and best practice methods gathered from over 100 projects with reputable clients.

Roboyo’s Best Practices have their foundation in the Best Practices designed by the RPA vendors themselves and are further enhanced with our experience of delivering more than 1.500 process automations. They are continuously revised and improved so they account for software changes and client preferences.

Petze allows you to tailor which Best Practices will be active depending on the role of your user. Developers from a technical background are required to fully understand all best practices with accuracy, while users from a business context might find this overwhelming and thus lose motivation. Roles can also be changed over time.

You simply drag & drop your folder, upload a project, or upload a Zip-File of where the process is stored. Petze will do the rest.

A report on the statistics (errors, warnings, etc.), a diagram which displays the dependencies between workflows and further details concerning the workflows like descriptions and arguments.

Right now, Petze only supports English.

Every browser that supports HTML5 can be used for Petze.

Yes, Petze keeps a history of the checks made so you can see how the code improved over time.

Petze defines different access roles, i.e. the Reviewer: a reviewer can not only see the status and validation of his/her own project, but also the project status and validations from the team.

Users with the Release Manager Role can validate code checks from RPA developers, and can accept any Best Practice check suspensions that have been proposed by the developers.

Petze is a web application that requires credentials to login and have access to its functionalities. Click here for more information.

Not today. We plan to release a on premises version as soon as possible.

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