Roboyo reaches a new level of security

The greatest thing about robots and monitoring systems is that they give us some sense of security: Always there when you need them, reliable and resistant against outside influences. In a dynamic and interconnected world with the increasing danger of data theft and various forms of cybercrime, the demand for protective measures rises as well. As an RPA company, we have a special responsibility in being aware of such risks and in establishing instruments to guarantee a safe and disruptive-free environment. Now, we are moving one step further.

We, at Roboyo, are happy to confirm the achievement of ISO 27001 certification. We had the pleasure to spend a few weeks with ISO auditors to show them our most important offices around the globe. Now, we got the official approval for having internal security standards that comply with the rules and regulations of the ISO 27001 norm. This standard contains internationally accepted IT and data security-related guidelines an organization is required to implement in order to warrant not only a clear and controllable information flow, but the protection of this information against leaks or illegal activity needs to be ensured as well. It is in our best interest to provide a coherent and stable information security system and we are proud to be ISO 27001-certified.

“The achievement of ISO 27001 was a challenging task not only to the development operations team but to the whole organization. It required attention to detail and the involvement and ambition of every single employee. The fact that it went so smoothly is proof of the quality of our work.”

Timo Hilbertz, DevOps Lead, Privacy & Information Security Officer

Roboyo is now ISO certified and we believe it is a good momentum to strengthen the cooperation with our partners. The exchange of confidential data and sensitive information is of utmost importance in doing successful business and this can only be accomplished under appropriate security conditions. Just like machines, Roboyo protects our users from breach of security while we deliver satisfying results.

With the ISO 27001 certification, we make our security level measurable in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and availability – because you can only improve what you can measure.

We do not only want to live up to the current standard but to think ahead as best as possible. We believe that automation is a path to the future and maintaining information safety for us and our clients is mandatory. We work hard to anticipate new developments to ensure that Roboyo as a company performs according to the newest security standards.


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