Introducing Procify – our Process Assessment Tool

You can have the best RPA developers in the world, but if they are developing a process that can’t be automated, you are wasting your time, money and resources. Selecting the right process to automate is a critical decision which can determine the overall success of your RPA project. With so many different aspects to consider, from application type, to data input method, to time constraints, it can be a daunting task.

That’s why we are here to help and to introduce Procify, a Process Assessment Tool that emulates our proven decision-making system for selecting the best processes to automate.

Procify is here to help you in the first stages of your RPA journey by supporting you to:

  • Identify processes with automation potential across the intelligent automation spectrum including opportunities to implement RPA, OCR, NLP and other advanced technologies.
  • Set a roadmap for your automation portfolio.

How Procify works?

Many companies underestimate vital process characteristics when assessing their processes for automation potential and believe that automation is the solution to all their problems. However,some characteristics can act as a blocker for implementation later down the line which will take the team back to the drawing board with lost ROI. For example, a few questions which quickly differentiates a process with potential include:

  • Are your data input methods structured and digital. Or are they paper-based and open to changes? If the robot can’t get the input data in a predictable way, then your process will be error prone – Procify will take this into account when ranking your process.
  • Is there a clear process owner? Or is the process spread among people and across departments? If no one can act as an expert for the process it can be difficult to manage. Again, Procify will factor this into its decisions.

By structuring the form in which data is gathered Procify makes it possible to reasonably compare different processes and get useful results.

These results are presented in a simple, graphical way allowing fast and clear decision making when selecting which process you will develop next.


What are the benefits of using Procify?

  • It can help you on the first stages of RPA journey in finding the right process to start automating
  • It’s not all about one single process, Procify allows you to generate a ready-to-automate process shortlist
  • Assess technical and strategic complexities that may impact delivery, and further shorten your process shortlist
  • Supports the creation of an RPA roadmap based on your strategy and vision
  • Based on our experience. We are literally talking about more than 1000 projects
  • Consistent data gathering for accurate comparison of different processes
  • Replaces dense documentation with graphical displays and data

When is Procify used?

Procify is used at the first stages of your intelligent automation journey – during the Potential Analysis – when you want to understand the automation potential of processes within your whole business, business unit or team. The purpose of this phase is to also creates awareness around the topic of intelligent automation with the help of the Roboyo Academy which provides articles, explanations and frameworks to guide your automation journey.

Is Procify for me?

Procify is a valuable tool for any Business Analyst or Automation department. The easy-to-use input method also makes it accessible for a process expert to quickly gather data in a decentralized manner. It also stores all your process data in one place, so say goodbye to consolidating different excel sheets during your potential analysis.

If you want to find out more about how Procify can help you speed up your intelligent automation journey, get in touch with us!




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