The future of work

Many people have concerns when they think about the future of work and their current job. You will have noticed that simpler jobs are being deprecated or automatised (e.g. many supermarkets invite shoppers to use self-service checkouts, where shoppers scan and pay for the articles themselves). In addition, automation will in the future impact all areas of our lives, not stopping at higher skilled jobs.

This causes concern for some people. However, this development is nothing new. Since time immemorial, innovations have replaced older jobs and changed the way people work. However, despite all the disruptive innovations of the last two centuries, there has never been as many jobs in Europe as there are today. Productivity has been increased massively and the economy has grown significantly. Through the use of new technologies and gains in efficiency, companies in Europe have become more competitive. They have been securing their sites with new jobs – although often quite different ones to even 15 years ago.

It is knowledge work which will in the future enable companies to bring about even more productivity. Creativity, ideas, and exchange between employees will mean that within businesses, many aspects of the administrative work still performed by people will disappear. Already today, you can unburden your staff of administrative tasks which add little value and get them pressing ahead with tomorrow’s knowledge work. Companies have more productive workforce and, can utilize it efficiently.

Our solutions for intelligent process automation help you to simplify processes and to meet the challenges of the future of work.

A study by SAP and the Wharton Business School confirms that the simplification of business processes is of strategic importance.

Source: Knowledge@Wharton – SAP Simple business processes 2015: Reaching strategic goals, 2015

How we can help you realising the Future of Work?

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